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Grand Rapids AC Repair

Keep Your Family Cool Regardless of the Weather

Make certain you and your family are ready to stay comfortable no matter what is going on outside by letting Penning Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric perform any and all necessary air conditioning repairs in Grand Rapids. We are committed to fixing AC problems fast so you can focus on relaxing in your own home. In Grand Rapids, the summer time can get a little too warm for comfort. Our Grand Rapids AC repair technicians can attest to this. Since the temperature is fairly low in the spring and fall, the summertime spike in hot days can feel totally out of place and unbearable.

Ever since we were founded in 1917, we have always stuck to our principles of honesty and integrity in our work. You can trust us to offer great heating and cooling services in Grand Rapids at great prices that never conceal hidden charges or surprise fees. In fact, we actively try to save you as much money as possible by offering coupons and special financing options for qualifying customers.

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Seven Signs That You Need AC Repair

How are you supposed to know that your air conditioner needs to be repaired? Unless you are an expert with AC units, it can be hard to tell. Although, there are some telltale signs that something is wrong with an AC system and that you should call in an air conditioning repair expert like those you’ll find at Penning Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric to take a closer look.

Here’s the top seven signs that your air conditioner is broken or defective:

  1. Warm air: The most obvious sign that your AC unit is acting up is if warm air comes out of the vents, no matter how low you set the temperature or how long it runs. Even during a hot summer day, a low-quality air conditioner should eventually start to cool the air as expected.
  2. Weak airflow: If you can barely feel the air coming from your AC unit and out the vents, then there is likely a problem with the system. You should check the vents nearest the AC unit, which should predictably have the strongest output air flow.
  3. Frequent cycles: An AC unit should not need to run too often to reach your set temperature. Frequent air cycles not only mean there is something wrong with the AC unit as a whole, but it will also spike your energy bills. It is best to get your air conditioner inspected and fixed to keep utility bills low.
  4. Humidity: By design, your AC unit should provide cool, crisp air, meaning it should have a low humidity level. If the air coming out of your AC feels moist, something is wrong.
  5. Stenches: Just how your AC unit should not provide moist air, it should also not provide fetid air. A cool breeze that smells bad probably means there is mold growth somewhere in your HVAC system.
  6. Leaks: Take a look around the main unit of your air conditioning system. Signs of water, leaks, or drips indicate a part malfunction.
  7. Noises: Every AC unit makes a subtle hum that some people might even find relaxing. Noises that should not come from your air conditioning, though, are rattles, bumps, dings, buzzes, and generally any other unusual sound that doesn’t seem very comforting.

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When you are unsure of proper AC fixing, it is best to call one of our Grand Rapids AC repair experts to diagnose your air conditioner. Delaying even the smallest ac problem, can lead to bigger problems and AC repairs costs in the future. The team at Penning Plumbing Heating, Cooling, and Electric can knowledgable staff ready to assist with any AC repair. We are transparent throughout the process and are not happy unless you are.

Think your AC unit needs repairs? Why not find out for certain by contacting our Grand Rapids AC repair specialists? We have the industry experience, highly trained team, and top-grade tools and equipment to tackle any AC repair job, no matter its complexity or the make of your AC system.

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