The Ultimate Plumbing Inspection Checklist for Homebuyers

Buying a home is an exciting adventure! Between attending numerous open houses to find the right fit and stocking up on boxes for your future move, homebuyers’ to-dos can turn into a lengthy list. Although there are many tasks to complete before purchasing the home and moving in, don’t forget to complete one crucial step beforehand: inspect the plumbing.

The Ultimate Plumbing Inspection Checklist for Homebuyers

It’s easy for an untrained eye to overlook signs of plumbing problems while touring a home. While home inspections are helpful to spot issues across the house, some inspectors may not be able to get an in-depth peek at the home’s plumbing system.

While some issues may be minor, like a dripping faucet, other hidden problems could cost you some big bucks down the road. It’s essential to thoroughly inspect your potential new home’s plumbing system, as taking the plunge without doing so is a huge gamble.

Investigate the Water Heater

We all love a nice warm shower! After moving into a new home, the last thing you’ll want to discover is an inefficient water heater.

Water heaters can cost thousands of dollars to replace. With moving costs, buying new furniture, and homebuyer fees, you’ll want to avoid making such a big purchase near your move-in.To prevent this headache, thoroughly inspect your potential home’s water heater before making an offer.

Some things to look for are water leaking from the tank and an insufficient hot water supply. Test the water heater’s abilities by turning on the tap and testing the hot water. If the water heater is older than ten years old, keep in mind that a replacement may need to be purchased in the near future.

Test Toilets and Faucets

A home’s toilet and faucets are some of the most frequently used fixtures in the house, so when you’re touring a potential abode, you’ll want to test both the faucets and the toilets.

Ensure the faucets aren’t prone to drips and make sure the toilet flushes properly and isn’t slow to drain. Keep an eye out for discoloration or soft spots on the floor near the toilet. This could be signaling a leak and water damage to the home.

Pro tip: If the homeowner allows it, test for toilet leaks with a simple food coloring test. First, put a few drops of bright-colored food coloring in the tank. Wait for 25 minutes and then check to see if the color has dispersed to the bowl. If there’s color in the bowl, there’s a leak!

Check for Water Stains

No one likes a leaky plumbing system! When you’re touring a potential house, always keep an eye out for both leaks and water stains.

Water stains are often located on the floors and ceilings. You’ll want to search the home for water stains thoroughly, as they suggest an internal pipe leak. Internal pipe leaks can lead to devastating damage to the structure and can even draw termites and mold into the home.

Schedule a Professional Plumbing Inspection

Purchasing a home is a huge decision, so you’ll want to have complete peace of mind about the home you’re buying. While the above tips can help homebuyers spot potential plumbing issues independently, a professional plumbing inspection is always recommended to ensure your new home won’t turn out to be a money pit.

Our team at Penning Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric can spot potential plumbing problems and provide a realistic solution for the home. You can always expect an honest and reliable plumbing inspection from our experts.

Plumbing Inspection Services in Grand Rapids

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