Are LED Lightbulbs the Bright Choice?

Light bulbs are often overlooked in the home when it comes to home care, and frankly, we don’t blame owners for ignoring them. You expect a home to have great light bulbs at the bare minimum, so if your bulbs work, that should be enough, right? There are differences in the quality of your light bulb, and you may have heard about the benefits of LED light bulbs while shopping for a new bulb. We will break down whether these LED bulbs are worth the extra money or if you should stick to your standard bulb.

Are LED Lightbulbs the Bright Choice

Cost Of Bulbs

So out the gate, let us be honest and say that LED light bulbs do cost more than your standard incandescent bulb. There is no beating around the bush here when you go shopping at your local home goods store; LED bulbs will come with a higher price tag upfront.

However, the key phrase here is higher cost upfront because LED bulbs shine for long-term usage. We will get into energy efficiency later, but we want to focus on the simple fact of placing bulbs. Incandescent bulbs can burn out fast, meaning you will find yourself replacing them often. Sure, a few dollars on a bulb might not seem like much, but those dollars add up over time. LED lights tend to last longer than traditional bulbs, meaning you replace them far less often and get more bang for your buck.

Energy Savings

Another way you can save with LED bulbs is their energy efficiency, as they draw far less power than traditional light bulbs. LED bulbs that are properly ENERGY Star rated can use up to 75% less energy than standard bulbs. This can lead to more savings on your utility bills, but you can have peace of mind knowing your home is contributing far less to your carbon footprint.

Small Quality Of Life Changes

Do you hate changing a hot bulb from a lamp so much that you become afraid of that one lamp by your desk? You do not have to worry about hot bulbs anymore and worry less about burning your hands with an LED bulb. LED bulbs emit less heat compared to incandescent bulbs.

You can have peace of mind knowing your hands are burn-free; you can also know that LED bulbs can illuminate a large amount of your space while blending into the background. LED technology nowadays is a lot more compact, with most bulbs being tiny but can emit potent amounts of light.

Not only can you light up a room with small bulbs, but you can also customize the lighting color with smart lights that can connect to your smart devices. So not only can you save money, but you can also set the mood just right any time of day with LED bulbs.

What To Buy

No matter how great the benefits are of LED bulbs, the bottom line can be that price is the biggest, if not the sole factor in decision making. There is a wide arrange of variations that vary in quality with any product. For many homeowners, smart lighting may sound nice but is not what they necessarily need. You can save by getting LED bulbs without any frills and get the job done. Buying good-quality light bulbs is an investment, and you want what’s best for your home.

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